Sterling McCall Lexus Of Houston - Failed to perform desired work then overcharged me.

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The interior of my Lexus LS460L was recently damaged in a rain storm.I called the Service Adviser and described the bad, mildew smell in the car and was given an estimate of $850.00.

He mentioned replacing the carpeting and jeute (padding). He also was very confident this would take care of the awful smell. When I picked up the car four days later, I was given an invoice for $2,986.85! They had jacked up the price after they stripped the carpeting and padding.

I basically had no choice but to pay and fight the charge later, as the smell was STILL prevalent in my car.I think this is completely unacceptable and definitely think I should not have to pay for work that didn't fix the problem.I feel cheated and taken advantage of by Sterling McCall Lexus.

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